Monday, 7 March 2011

The Week's Report!

Well, first of all, i have a Nepenthes Ventrata showing some nice growth, but the pitcher lid's are absent on two pitcher's :(
Also, my sarracenia flower is getting much bigger, i'm expecting it to open any time soon!
My Drosera Capensis cutting was going well, but my cat ate it, here it is just day's before the accident....

And finally my Drosera seedlings, it's a mix of Binata, Spatulata, and Capensis :)

Feel free to comment! :)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Some Plant's

Well, seeing as this is a blog about Carnivorous Plant's, i may aswell add some picture's of them, or at least, the one's i own, so here they are...

Sarracenia x Farnhamii
Sarracenia x Moorie x Oreophila
Pinguicula x Tina (Rooted cutting)

Dionea Muscipula (Venus Flytrap)


Friday, 25 February 2011

Ok, My Growlist

Dionea muscipula
4 "typical"

50 Binata
50 binata "marstons dragon"
60 capensis
20 Spatulata

2 Ventrata
1 Sanguinea (Suspected)

1 x Tina

Darlintonia Californica

(i did have a Cephalotus Follicularis, but i died while i was on holiday)

Nepenthes Villosa
Drosera Pygmea
Drosera Regia

And, i think that's it :)

Hi :)

Well, i've just started posting, so i may as well add some info about my self, i'm a kid, i like (Love) carnivorous plant's, and i decided to make a blog about the plant's i grow,and other plant's i like, i'll be frequently adding post about interesting stuff and about my plant's progress, just incase you want to know, i have 5 different specie's of Carnivorous plant, and around 200 all together (most are Drosera seedling's tho') And if you have any questions obaout them, just ask

Cheer's, daniel